It Rubs the Troll Slime on Its Skin

I got troll slime on me yesterday! I’m both excited and flattered!

It’s stinky and it burns!

Long story short: LGM tried to raise the issue of states chipping away at Roe v. Wade by instituting laws that require women to wait several days (in which the fetus grows ever more viable, fetus-huggers!) for an abortion or makes them view ultrasounds. Measures which basically assume that women are mentally-retarded, have no idea what’s going on in their own bodies and don’t know what abortions are. It should have been discussion about that, but some some guy who sounds eerily like an MRA showed up and diarrheaed in the punch bowl. Good stuff!


16 thoughts on “It Rubs the Troll Slime on Its Skin

  1. I fondly remember Pastafilla's first appearance in a LGM thread; this was after Meade had been banned there for garbled and stupid transmissions (as mikey would say), and his various supporters rushed to let LGM know that they were deeply offended and wouldn't be back. PF, in contrast, announced his intention of hanging around to be irritating. In practice I think the worst offense he caused was to Slavic linguists since he kept quoting what he thought were insults in Serbian, but lessening the impact by misspelling them.

  2. I find you're willing to be pedantic in regards to lotsa stuff, which doesn't bother me because it just means you're smart. Whoa. Fawning praise in the morning (here), and I haven't even had my coffee yet!

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