Village of the Banned

Most of you are banned.

smut is banned because, well, it’s about damn time.

Thunder is banned because of FALSE ADVERTISING

Dragon-King is banned because he had a totally cute baby BEFORE ME. Um, rude much?

 B^4 is banned because he irritatingly will never give me a legitimate reason to ban him. 

Substance is banned because he raped my earholes with this shit.

This douche is banned because he probably had a muffaletta sammich and didn’t even think to send half to me. ME–a starving pregnant woman!!!

In conclusion, no cute kittens for any of you, AND YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL!


23 thoughts on “Village of the Banned

  1. LOL. Dude…my hat is off to your better half. Obvs, she's the the one to blame for reminding me that I've yet to endure the JOYS of labor. And, I think the chance of Evan Dudeskull having a bionic hand are slim to none. 😦If you listen closely, you'll hear the vampire froggies.UNSERIOUS! DOUBLE-BANNED!

  2. OBS: bannedSubstance is now something beyond banned. I'm not sure what to call it yet. WC, I doubt that DK-W will have time for such things now that Lil Ultra is around. Also, you're banned. Just cuz.

  3. I did have a muffaletta sammich, sqplit a whole with Wife Sublime, at napoleon House ( based on a rec from local, better than Central Grocery) WHILE DRINKING A PIMM'S CUP. There was none left over.Then I went and had a Hurricane.So if I wasn't banned before, I sure am now.

  4. Right, I'm not banned so I shall give my lecture on the influence of Muddy Waters on the Blues stylings of Jimi Hendrix and it's relationship to the salt trade. First I have to go and make it up.BRB

  5. smut is now triple-banned for the horrible pun. AK, if you're angling for a guest-blogger gig, consider it done. I'm most interested in the topic you raised. zombie, it's hard to justify taking food from the mouths of the sublime, so Imma let you off the hook just this once.

  6. OBS: bannedYay!…the influence of Muddy Waters on the Blues stylings of Jimi Hendrix…Hmm, I'm listening to Muddy Waters' "Hard Again" (veiled something I'm sure) right now, and I have been craving a salt bagel with turkey and cream cheese…And my captcha is "spocra" — is that some sort of Vulcan vegetable?

  7. I'm most interested in the topic you raised. Hey, get in line; he still owes me the Cannibal Lecture. Or Smut, but who the hell can tell those two apart?so Imma let you off the hook just this once.DAMMIT!! I even through a misspelling in there and everything.

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