First Ya Gets Yer Medicine

Just a heads-up: yesterday’s Majority Report was must-listen. Sam conducted a riveting interview with this British dude, Johann Hari, who had LOTS of interesting things to say about England’s austerity measures and the US’ own financial issues. Probably the most fascinating part of the interview centered around UK Uncut, a movement in which ordinary citizens organized get-togethers all over the UK to protest the fact that big businesses were not paying their fair share in taxes. There is a similar movement underway here in the US. Great stuff that makes me feel a tiny bit hopeful. But just a tiny bit.

But…seriously. Must-listen. Please download the podcast (link above) at your earliest convenience.

Around the blogosphere…

Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time
has a really informative entry about The Overton Window (no, not the Beck book…I was a little disappointed too). Great read.

Apparently the wingnutosphere has seized upon the vid of this possibly drunk guy yelling unintelligible things at Sarah, Plain and Shrill as proof that we libs are just as nutty and dumb as the Teatards. Ummmmm, not quite, darlings. By my count that’s 1 of ours for every 1000 of yours. But nice try! The comments at Wonkette–as usual–do not disappoint.

Civility is overrated! Thanks for sayin’ it, Whiskey Fire! Fire GOOD!

Whenever I see this many comments for a LGM post, I know someone has taken a big ol’ dump in the punchbowl. If you’re a troll aficionado, this is must-read.  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the convos at LGM go a bit over my head, but I always enjoy lurking there when there’s glibtard invasion.

So you gots your medicine, how about some sugar?

A tea party I would totally go to

If you don’t think this picture is THE BEST, you are probably a horrible “human being”

Also…this puppy and I seem to be eerily on the same the page.

UPDATED: With more, better trolling! Hey, apparently if I find something provocative enough, I’m allowed to destroy it. Also, I am allowed to define what “art” is for everyone. And–again–if I do not find it “arty” enough, I am allowed to destroy it. AWESOME! Hope every nearby church and Thomas Kinkade gallery is ready for my onslaught. After all, they provoked me.


11 thoughts on “First Ya Gets Yer Medicine

  1. I say we hang one of your pieces up somewhere public, then we have someone like, oh say a big bad bald bastard type attack it with a sledge hammer and viola! You are all over the news and a world famous artist just like that.Captcha semogru

  2. So you're saying I'm stalking you? I totally AM NOT, she protested…perhaps too much. I totes admit to stealing half your blogroll!I say we hang one of your pieces up somewhere public, then we have someone like, oh say a big bad bald bastard type attack it with a sledge hammer and viola!That's not how I normally roll, not being a "wrecker", but if it gains VS some notoriety…

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