Soul Smurfer

Some of you may have heard of the new film currently playing in theaters: Soul Surfer. (But probably not because I imagine the Evangelical Christian surfer community is actually pretty small.) It’s about a young woman who loses her arm to a shark bite while surfing. Apparently Jesus helps her feel just dandy about it and she ends up surfing again. INSPIRATIONAL!

 What you may not have known is that my favorite heroine suffered a similar fate during a tragic pranking accident.

Louise still has a zest for life

 Louise also depended on help of a spiritual nature to get her through the tragedy of losing her arm. I’m pretty sure that help came from Satan.

It’s RMF, people! Please feel free to share!


21 thoughts on “Soul Smurfer

  1. Tee hee! Yes, despite the fact that Algore is FAT and HAS A BIG HOUSE. Thanks for all the music, btw. Looking forward to listening when I get back from doing about a bazillion errands.

  2. Was just listening to this while making dinner. I think it's one of the prettiest songs ever written. Also, in case anyone was wondering if this entire entry was an excuse to make a joke about Louise being armless and to exploit the attendant comedy inherent in one of her perpetually upraised arms being gone, the answer is "yes." Of course it was. Would you expect any less of me?

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