Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain

I am changing up the look of my blog. I expect I will do this with annoying frequency for the next couple of weeks. Until I settle upon something I really love.

Thoughts? Ideas? Complaints? Preferences (so far as readability and color palettes go)?


21 thoughts on “Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain

  1. M., I'm not above using aesthetic bribery to get peepers on my page. Smut, I'm starting to think I cannot be trusted to maintain a blog. I have no idea where the extra "a" came from. I NEED AN EDITOR.

  2. And pimp your gallery w/ a big link to it above the blogroll.Thanks for reminding me to do that, M. I don't think most of my regular readers are terribly interested in my art, but other passers-by should know about my gallery. Needs moat unicoarns and sparklepoanies.LOAL! Aalso: AAHEMDay-glo on black velvet.No can do. It explicitly states in blogging etiquette guidelines that if you use that color scheme, you have to post almost exclusively about NYC, architecture, and cute fat babies. I'd feel too hemmed in. People need to KNOW about Russian Robot Spy Cats.

  3. "Just not on her front lawn"I am very PROUD of my lawn eyeball collection! Hope to keep adding to it. "Just don't let him nibble on your ear."Do zombies nibble ears? I thought they only hungered for BRANES.

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