The Republicans openly and gleefully putting forth an agenda that demonstrates their unreserved hatred  of women has brought up a lot of stuff for me. Sure, it’s disappointing to know that the roughly 1/3 of the country that they represent infantilizes and loathes women, but I could probably tough that out if we could have an adult conversation about abortion. It’s awfully hard to do that, however, when even people who are supposedly on your side let the enemy frame the debate.

 My biggest problem with the abortion conversation is that it always starts with this sort of concession: “Listen, we all agree that abortion is the ickiest, grossest, most tragic thing EVAR, and it makes my pet unicorn Princess Sparklepretty cry glittery pink tears! But it has to remain legal so that slutty, irresponsible women won’t be forced to have black gay rape babies!”  Well, no. Actually we don’t all agree.

I don’t think abortion is terrible. I don’t think abortion is wonderful. It is what it is. Similarly, I don’t think miscarriages are terrible. I don’t think they are wonderful.  They are simply a part of life. And most miscarriages happen roughly around the same time most abortions are performed (at 8 to 10 weeks, when the fetus–while very squirmy and cute in sonogram pictures–is nothing resembling viable). That makes GAWD the biggest aborty-lover of them all!!!!!

As long as people are having sex, there will be miscarriages, unwanted pregnancies and abortions. It’s just a fact of life. Guess which part of the highlighted sentence bothers the forced-birthers the most? HINT: It’s not “abortions.”

Jon LaJoie, take me away…


9 thoughts on “Schmashmorson

  1. There is no issue of importance where the Democrats (led, as they are, by the Democrats who are most like Republicans) have not adopted right-wing framing.Abortion? You've covered it.Spending and the debt? Gotta cut spending. No mention that reducing unemployment would bring in more revenue, and that cutting spending at a time of such high unemployment might raise it even further…thus cutting revenues even more than the spending is reduced.As for our wars, is anyone with any power saying we've been in Afghanistan longer than the Soviets were, and it doesn't look like it's going to work out any better for us? Nope. We're looking around for more wars to get into.It's all pretty cheery, eh? I'm going to look for some birds to take pictures of.~

  2. Thanks very much, zrm. :)Thunder, you are so right. I focused on the abortion debate because it is so steeped in sticky gooey lady-hate…but the truth is Dems can't compromise fast enough on every issue. The American people aren't very bright. They employ a "gut-based" method of deciding whom to support when it comes to the issues. And when they employ this method, they see the Repukes ALWAYS stick to their principles, even if they are batshit insane principles. And they'll stick by them even if only Barney and Laura support them. They NEVER waiver. And the American people–being dumb–respect this. I sure wish Dems would try this tack once. Just once.

  3. I think that the "Shirtloads of Money from Anyone, Anytime" law was the last nail in your political process's coffin. the left as to go all grass roots again and smash it down from inside. In a purely metaphorical way of course.The anti abortion god botherers are the most repellent among the poisonous horde, I agree.

  4. I think that the "Shirtloads of Money from Anyone, Anytime" law was the last nail in your political process's coffin. Especially when so many of those with the shirtloads of money are sociopaths. It sure doesn't HELP our political process.

  5. the left as to go all grass roots again and smash it down from insideThis would work if the "center-left" political party didn't capitulate at every turn.I think that the grass roots have to get involved in the primaries, and that we have to, have to, have to get more women involved as candidates.

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