Happy Funny Funtime Pretty Beauty Entry (Now with sneaky Nazi zombies!)

Entries about framing the abortion debate, professional assclown, Terry Jones, and Muslim extremists who murder people because a professional assclown burned a book can wait. I’m gonna be jumping back into that project I lost and I need to feel good before I do. So, welcome to my extraordinarily shallow post about things that make me happy. Now with crass consumerism!

Cats with almost perfectly-spherical (orbular, even!) heads make me happy. 

David Cross is probably my favorite stand-up.  

 Louise, of course, makes me happy. 

This song makes me happy.

These boots make me happy. Granted, I can’t imagine wearing them. They are very gothy, very…gimmicky. Look like an affectation… and The ‘Slayer doesn’t do affectations. I dunno. Maybe if I’d wear them for some red-hot, illicit affair during sexytime. But look at all those laces. They look like work. And my thoughts on work are well-documented. Still, they make me happy. I think I want to manip them!

This photo by g makes me happy. Everything about it: the composition, the happiest pig on earth weathervane, the sheer springiness. Everything. 

This ring makes me happy. So I bought it.

Flight of the Conchords makes me happy.

Songs about gnomes and hobbits make me happy.

I love it when Bill Maher schools the Teatards.

I love the art of Michael Parkes.

His influence can be seen here:

H.R.Giger/vs mash-up!

15 thoughts on “Happy Funny Funtime Pretty Beauty Entry (Now with sneaky Nazi zombies!)

  1. Am I wrong to imagine VS wearing these?I was all prepared to be flattered and see a pair of super-sexy boots…but laughing out loud at banana shoes was pretty great too.

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