Cut your hair + RMF

I got my hair cut. Most of my hairs, in fact. (I like to call that piece “Soccer Moms Live Lives of Quiet Desperation.”)

My hair was close to halfway down my back. The lady cutting my hair was all like “Are you sure?” Um, IT’S. HAIR. Last time I checked, it grows back. I am not Samson. Everyone knows I derive all my power from my nostril hair and nobody’s touchin’ that!

Seriously, I do not get freaked out about stuff like this. My hair has been every length you can imagine, including cropped close to the skull. But pixie cuts are best left to women with cute, little heart-shaped faces. 

I was like “CUT MY HAIR, WOMAN!”

My glucose tolerance tests results came back (testing for gestational diabetes). Everything’s groovy! Woo-hoo!

It’s Random Music Friday, people! Let’s all get random!


26 thoughts on “Cut your hair + RMF

  1. I will admit to crying about my hair ONCE. And it wasn't because I cared about having long hair or anything (my hair's actually at the longest it's ever been and it's not *that* long), but because it was a really awful haircut with a ton of layers that would look bad for a LOOONG time. I think I wound up cutting it all off into a pixie cut.

  2. For some reason that made me chuckle. I've half a mind to watch it all the way through just to spite you. B^4, I love Blondie. I look forward to reading your thoughts on punk v. disco.

  3. Well, actually, that wasn't meant to follow the worm song exactly. It was more referring to Subby's link. You, damn you, got your comment wedged in before mine.Didn't anyone teach you how to be a good hostess.

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